Hi! I’m Daniel Kobylarz, a
User Experience Designer & Researcher
based out of New Jersey, USA

A drawing visualization of a simple user centered design process. From left to right - a brain, then a sketch, then a wireframe, then a small image of graphs, and then a final result of the wireframes.

-- I am currently looking for full time opportunities --

Featured Work

An image containing text, "Esports Community Hub". The text is stylized with a light color on top of a dark orange drop shadow.

Start-up sized project, creating a community space for the world of Esports

+ User Research

+ Product Design

+ User Testing

An animated gif of a few screens on a mobile device. The screens show a home page, a community page, and a "team" page.
An image of a stylized logo of text that reads "Go.Milestone", in a green color, with a grey background. To the right of the image is a pink flower plant with a green plant rising out of the top.


Grad school project, creating a life milestone navigation and planning tool

+ Wireframing

+ Branding

+ Workshops

Other Work / Misc.

Coming Soon

Education / About

🎓 Master of Science in User-Centered Design
2022 | Brandeis University | 4.0 GPA

🎓 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
🎓 Bachelor of Arts in Music
2014 | William Paterson University of New Jersey

I am passionate about:
   - technology that engages a user, that goes beyond being useful and strives for desirable experiences,

   - accessible & inclusive technology; like designs that allow someone to feel a level of independence that they might not have felt before,

   - emerging technology, in VR and AR and their application in things like education and therapy,

   - design thats top priority is research based, and user centric.

I am a recent graduate of a Master of Science in User-Centered Design program where I studied UX Research, Interface Design, Information Architecture, UX Psychology, Accessibility and Inclusive Design, and UX Processes & Operations amongst other topics.

My background is in healthcare & video game development, where I worked in roles as an advocate - in healthcare for people with disabilities, and in game development for players. I am looking to take my professional experience and be a strong user advocate in designing experiences that match my passions above.