Hi! I’m Daniel Kobylarz, a
User Experience Designer & Researcher
based out of New Jersey, USA

A drawing visualization of a simple user centered design process. From left to right - a brain, then a sketch, then a wireframe, then a small image of graphs, and then a final result of the wireframes.

I bring creativity to problem solving, with a multifaceted approach through years of experience in video-game design and healthcare development.

Featured Work

UX Design in Virtual Reality

A graphic of a virtual reality environment. In the environment is a 3d modeled operating room, with surgery table, three carts, an overhead light, and two monitors. There are also four interface panels with various buttons, drop downs, sliders.

Immersive educational experience for surgeons using virtual spaces.

+ Interface Design

+ User Research

+ Implementation

An image containing text, "Esports Community Hub". The text is stylized with a light color on top of a dark orange drop shadow.

Start-up sized project, creating a community space for the world of Esports

+ User Research

+ Product Design

+ User Testing

An animated gif of a few screens on a mobile device. The screens show a home page, a community page, and a "team" page.
An image of a stylized logo of text that reads "Go.Milestone", in a green color, with a grey background. To the right of the image is a pink flower plant with a green plant rising out of the top.


Grad school project, creating a life milestone navigation and planning tool

+ Wireframing

+ Branding

+ Workshops

Other Work / Misc.

Coming Soon

Education / About

🎓 Master of Science in User-Centered Design
2022 | Brandeis University | 4.0 GPA

🎓 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
🎓 Bachelor of Arts in Music
2014 | William Paterson University of New Jersey

I am passionate about:
   - technology that engages a user, that goes beyond being useful and strives for desirable experiences,

   - accessible & inclusive technology; like designs that allow someone to feel a level of independence that they might not have felt before,

   - emerging technology, in VR and AR and their application in things like education and therapy,

   - design thats top priority is research based, and user centric.

I am a recent graduate of a Master of Science in User-Centered Design program where I studied UX Research, Interface Design, Information Architecture, UX Psychology, Accessibility and Inclusive Design, and UX Processes & Operations amongst other topics.

My background is in healthcare & video game development, where I worked in roles as an advocate - in healthcare for people with disabilities, and in game development for players. I am looking to take my professional experience and be a strong user advocate in designing experiences that match my passions above.